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Project perun

Analysing disinformation narratives after
Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Katie Godowski, Pexels.

Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed the Europe that we knew of. Especially in Eastern countries, life has changed, and the feeling of uncertainty has raised in the whole territory, something which has been accompanied by inflation and an energy crisis.

In this context, a group of 21 journalists from different European countries joined to work together in a workshop called Journalistic impartiality in times of war. Focusing on the spread of dis- and misinformation, they tried to find some narratives which explained how the Russian propaganda has been expanded.

After doing some research, three main topics stood out, and they are developed in this website:

  1. Pro-Russian and Anti-Western narratives: through cultural, religious, and historical themes, using as pillars the Soviet victory over Nazism, affinity towards Russia due to Slavic or Orthodox ties, or vilify Western “decadent values” under the auspices of “Russkiy Mir”.
  2. Economic Collapse narrative: with the goal to emphasize life in Russia, over life in other countries, allegedly on the verge of an economic and energetic collapse, which is also defended by the argument of the supposed inefficiency of European sanctions over Russia.
  3. Anti-refugees narrative: filled with prejudices and set ideas on the refugees fleeing from Ukraine, some of this narratives being as old as time while others prove versatile and adapt to a present context.

Furthermore, as the workshop side-kick was Mental Health and Journalism, this website also tries to offer some resources to journalists in the frontline, in the shape of a shared space to communicate their daily lives in the middle of war.

This side project called Journomind is carried out through Instagram, and it is defined as an international movement with the aim to help journalism professionals all over the world share their stories.

This is a project made by the 2022 group of
M100 Young European Journalists